LudoMi is a project co-funded by POLISOCIAL, , Politecnico di Milano’s social engagement and responsibility programme. LudoMi aims to create new educational services, in particular for children affected by intellectual disability, based on an innovative technological solution called Magika. Magika transforms any ordinary room in a Magic Room, where lights, projections, music, sounds, aroma, and tangible materials are “smart”, that is to say digitally controllable, programmable, and interactive. Inside the Magic Room, children can play multisensory games and learning activities tailored to the needs of the single child, that are particularly stimulating and involving. LudoMi partners are educational and therapeutically institutions and associations, and Cornaredo municipality (MI), where 2 Magic Rooms have been installed in 2 schools, and a 4-months evaluative experimentation is currently ongoing.